Risk Management standards for Asset and Wealth Managers

Risk Management Standards

Quanvest defines standards for Risk Management

  • Quanvest measures risk all liquid alternative and illiquid asset classes, including derivatives, such as options, OTC-swaps or other structured products.
  • SENSIS simulates as holistic approach various possible price developments of equities, bonds, commodities, derivatives or private equity and real estate from a single model.
  • Quanvest has implemented all risk models: Monte Carlo simulation for the future, historical simulation for the “rear view”, Value at Risk for a quick estimate.
  • Whether you rate the quality of a depot, want to display a 10-day risk hour by hour exactly or you wish to plan a complex asset liability study over several decades: SENSIS is the solution – professionally, methodically, as technically.
  • Whether Vola, Value at Risk (marginal, conditional …), maximum drawdown, long-term recovery periods: With SENSIS you calculate all key figures you need: loss levels, loss periods and their probabilities – you compare key figures and methods and we explain, if necessary. Finally you decide what you use in your investment process.
  • All risk information and risk services for single securities or for portfolio risk are available via XML, JSON/REST interface, as a cloud solution, as on-premise installation or licensed on SAP HANA / SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
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