QUANVEST was founded by Christian Libor. The company operates the SENSIS® data product, developed 2008 at Deutsche Börse AG with services for benchmark, trend analysis, risk and investment controlling.

With the SENSIS® modules Quanvest provides new capital market information products and services. Quanvest supports banking clients, investors and asset managers with securities and portfolio analysis in terms of risk, return and liquidity as well as software and hardware installations – on premise, in the Quanvest cloud or SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HANA HCP).

Quanvest’s objective is to make all the questions of investors with regard to capital markets and investment products answerable. Quanvest operates its own R&D and is a regular partner of renowned independent institutions and editors.

The development of SENSIS® process is a long-term task for the Quanvest GmbH. Extensions to the SENSIS frameworkare are added after intensive examination, consideration and testing.

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