Deployment options

Our services are made available in three different ways: first as in-house solution “on premise” on your own server, secondly via remote access to external servers and third, via direct access to the SENSIS web portal.

SENSIS on premise


The in-house solution is delivered as a server or as a virtual machine on your server infrastructure. Quanvest administrates via FTP or remote access interface, regularly uploading new SENSIS data and updating software versions . If necessary, the server is replaced for an upgrade.

You decide which data to use and you scale the configuration of your server. You access to the server and software using a web browser and start/stop applications and simulations. Access to data and calculation results via an MS Excel add-in is possible, too.

SENSIS Cloud Portal


The second variant provides a connection to a pre-configured cloud server maintained by Quanvest exclusively for your purpose by professional cloud hoster, e.g. SAP HANA Cloud platform or Amazon S3/E2. Your communication with the services is secured via https and unlocked just for your business.

Data and software are maintained and updated by Quanvest, resp. the host, e.g. SAP and Quanvest monitors calculations and the servers performance. You access through the latest versions of standard Web browser without the need for additional software installations in your infrastructure.

SENSIS basic webportal


Via web portal you have the ability immediately after registration to define SENSIS parameters for your business on a Quanvest server and to access your simulations, portfolios and other parameter from anywhere. Again, you are using either a web browser or upload your portfolio simulations directly in your MS-Office applications, e.g. in Excel spreadsheets.

In all technical connection variants we customize your data settings and workflows. Just contact us.

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