SENSIS® is a multidimensional indicator set that build innovative indices - distilled from a virtually unlimited data universe.

QUANVEST specializes in independent investment controlling.

With wide-ranging services such as performance reports and risk scenarios Quanvest acts as a "weather service" for asset and wealth managers.

What if this?, then that?

With SENSIS tools complex market movement are translated in clear patterns.

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Individual concepts and special solutions

Adaption to customer specific workflow, time horizon or individual strategic allocation as well as technical implementation: Quanvest delivers customized solutions, as SAP Partner also on SAP HANA or SAP HANA Cloud Plattform.


The objective view into the depths of space,
calculated from a virtually limitless number of points


Shopify Screenshot 2

Google announced new e-commerce collaborations at its I/O conference two days ago, with its expanded partnership with Shopify taking center …

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The Bitcoin is purely liquidity driven – but even placebos have a value

Bitcoin Trends En 100T

Once upon a time …. Clay stones shards and finally coins. With the coin-monopoles came trust, with the government bonds …

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Fintech Forum Cologne

Our customers, business partners and readers are invited to join the Fintech-Forum Uhlenbruch Fintech Forum in Cologne on 6th December …

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